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Tips for Caring for Your Septic System

Citronelle area septic tank

Taking care of your septic system is not always something that people think about when going about their lives. Keeping your system in good condition is not difficult, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive prospect either. By following some simple guidelines and recommendations, your septic system can last for an extremely long time:

Inspection and Pumping

One of the simple tips for maintaining your system is having it inspected every three years by a professional. For residential customers, having your tank pumped every three to five years is recommended as well. If your system have extra mechanical or electrical components, it is important to schedule an inspection yearly.

Efficient Water Usage

Efficient water usage is an overlooked step in septic tank maintenance. Leaky faucets or running toilets can lead to tremendously increased water flow which leads to the septic system. By reducing the flow of water to your system, you can help prevent unnecessary problems. For this reason, high-efficiency fixtures are an excellent addition to homes with septic systems.

Correct Waste Disposal

The garbage disposal and toilet do not function as ancillary trashcans. Everything that goes down them, your shower or your bath ends up in the septic system. This means that what you are putting down your pipes has a direct effect on how well your septic tank functions. Try not to dispose of anything that would clog your system or kill the bacteria that help it function.

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