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Thoroughly Cleaning Septic Tanks for all of south alabama

The key to making your septic system last as long as possible is to hire a knowledgeable contractor to help you take care of it. Our staff at Allen Turner Septic Tank Service helps our customers maintain an optimal septic tank cleaning schedule to keep your investment free of problems. When your home or business needs a company that has the experience and the reputation in the industry, look to us to give you the best tools to keep your system going strong.

Clues Your Residential or Commercial System Needs Service

Does your septic system need to be cleaned? There are several signs that your tank needs special care. Here are the things you should be on the lookout for:

  • Bad smell – If you notice a bad smell coming from the drains of your bathroom or kitchen, something is amiss. There could be a problem clog in your pipes somewhere, or wastewater and bacteria may not be draining properly.
  • Flooded lawn – Make sure you are aware of any issues with pooling water on your lawn where your septic drains. Water that seeps up from your underground tank and into your yard may mean something is seriously wrong.
  • Abundant green grass – When the grass around your drain field suddenly turns from brown to bright green, you may need to schedule a residential septic tank pumping service to clean out your system.
  • Slow draining – Slow drains throughout your commercial building may also indicate things are a little backed up. A thorough cleaning can help your drains get back up to speed.
Allen Turner septic tank cleaning

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If you can’t remember the last time your system was cleaned, or if you suspect a dirty septic tank in, call us today at 251-895-7243. We can get your system feeling like new again.