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Maintenance to Keep Your Septic Tank Functioning Well in MoBILE, BALDWIN, CLARKE, AND WASHINGTON COUNTY.

One of the most important parts of being a septic tank owner is investing in proper care and maintenance. We at Allen Turner Septic Tank Service understand how essential this piece is and offer septic tank maintenance in Mobile, Baldwin, Clarke, and Washington county. Property owners should research their septic tank treatment contractor and make sure the company they choose understands the basics of keeping their system operating smoothly for many years down the road.

Why Regular Treatment Is Essential

If you follow the recommended advice from our team at Allen Turner Septic Tank Service, your septic tank system should last for many years to come without needing replacement. There are several guidelines to follow whether your system is for a residential or commercial building. Here are the things to know regarding services to schedule and other essentials:

  • Regular cleaning – Your system will be at its best if you have periodic septic tank cleaning and pumping performed when appropriate. Your service technician can help you decide on the best schedule.
  • Household chemicals – In your building, you’ll also have to properly care for your septic system. That means avoiding dumping harsh household chemicals down the drain so your beneficial bacteria doesn’t become unbalanced in the tank.
  • Paper products – Having a septic tank means you’ll also need to be diligent about not flushing certain items, such as diapers, baby wipes, paper towels or tissues down the toilet. Choose a toilet paper that is friendly to septic systems for best results.
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If you want to know more about how to keep your system from experiencing problems, call us today at 251-709-4196. We help customers in all of the South Alabama region find out the best ways to keep their systems flowing well.